Announcements for Feb. 10

February 10, 2013

Martyr Haralambos, Bishop of Magnesia (202)
Virgin Martyrs Ennatha, Valentina, & Paula of Palestine (308)
Matins Gospel #3: St. Mark 16: 9 – 20
Liturgy: 1 Timothy 1: 15-17 St. Matthew 15: 21 – 28

TODAY: Church School will be held after Coffee Hour. Please plan to stay so your children can attend.

WEDNESDAY: 6 p.m. Vespers, Class

THURSDAY: 6:30 p.m. – Parish Council

SATURDAY: 9 a.m. CLEANUP DAY to get ready for our Anniversary Celebration.

DOROTHY THORN, Jim’s mother, fell asleep in the Lord yesterday, February 9, after a long illness. A Panikhida was served for her at Holy Resurrection yesterday. Visitation will be Monday beginning at 10 a.m. at Lakewood Funeral Home with a graveside service at 1 p.m. at Lakewood Cemetery. May her memory be eternal.

HOUSE BLESSINGS – Please forgive me: Several things have come up that have delayed my house blessings this year, and I probably will not be able to complete them all. This year I will not make a schedule; instead I ask you to write me and suggest some times that are possible for you. – Fr. Paul

ANNIVERSARY CELEBRATION – Please let us know if you will attend our Anniversary meals (see below) – send an email to Fr. Paul. Cost of the Friday night dinner is $40 per plate; please give a check to Tim or Kitty. Members who need help with this please speak to Fr. Paul. There will be no charge for the Saturday lunch, but we need to know how many are coming.

REGULAR COLLECTIONS last Sunday, the first in February, were $1,488.50. Our monthly budget goal for 2013 is $10,000. Our collections for January were far below budget; if you can catch up your tithing it will be appreciated.

2/4, Monk John Mitchell, birthday
2/7, Youssef and Nada Rustom, anniversary, #70!
2/9, Sati Kirakosyan, nameday, St. Apollonia
2/10, Valentina Leonard, nameday, Martyr Valentina of Palestine Coming Week:
2/11, Julie Long, birthday
2/13, Victor Freels, Zoe Jackson, birthday
2/14, Fr. Matthew & Mat. Xenia Jackson, anniversary
2/16, Shelley Kennedy, birthday
If any dates are missing or incorrect, notify Fr. Paul.

February 15-17 – Antiochian Deanery Teen Retreat
February 16 – Cleanup Day
February 24- Publican and Pharisee – Fast-free week
February 25, Lebanese Dinner, St. George’s Vicksburg
March 1-2 Holy Resurrection Anniversary Celebration
March 17- Forgiveness Sunday – Lent begins
March 25 – Annunciation
April 28 – Palm Sunday – Holy Week begins
May 5 – Pascha!
June 13 – Ascension
June 23 – Pentecost
July 22 – 26 – Diocese of the South Assembly, Jacksonville

Do not be irritated either with those who sin or those who offend; do not have a passion for noticing every sin in your neighbour, and for judging him, as we are in the habit of doing. Everyone shall give an answer to God for himself. Everyone has a conscience; everyone hears God’s Word, and knows God’s Will either from books or from conversation with other people. Especially do not look with evil intention upon the sins of your elders, which do not regard you; “to his own master he standeth or falleth.” Correct your own sins, amend your own life. —St. John of Kronstadt

Let this commandment be especially observed by those here present who have fathers and mothers: ‘Children, obey your parents in all things: for this is well pleasing to the Lord’ (Col. 3:20). The first virtue of godliness in Christians is to honor their parents to requite the troubles of those who gave them birth. – St. Cyril of Jerusalem

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