Deacon Stephen Wood!

Bishop David of Alaska with Seminary and Guest Clergy - Deacon Stephen is the redhead

Bishop David of Alaska with seminary and guest clergy – Deacon Stephen is the redhead

Stephen Wood, who grew up here in Holy Resurrection, was ordained deacon May 14 at St. Herman’s Seminary, Kodiak, Alaska, where he has finished his second year of studies. He is the son of Subdeacon John (Norman) Wood, our choir director, and his wife Leslie. Subdeacon John went to Kodiak to participate in the service. See videos of his ordination here, and his first litany here.

We congratulate Deacon Stephen and his wife, Stephanie, and their children Ephraim, Yakov, and Alexei. Axios! Axios! Axios! – Hometown boy makes good!

With employees

Deacon Stephen also founded and operates a floor covering business in Kodak. Here he is pictured with Bishop David and three of his employees, Thomas Phillips, J.R Amodo, and Martha Fox.

In other good news, Deacon Stephen’s sister, Mary, her husband, Subdeacon Bart Coppola, and their children Elizabeth, Nevin, Luca, Levi, have moved to Clinton. Welcome home, Mary!

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