From The Dawn and Other Publications

The Orthodox Church in America Diocese of the South published for many years a monthly newspaper called The Dawn, edited by His Eminence Archbishop Dmitri of Blessed Memory. It contained many excellent articles and teachings by His Eminence, clergy of the diocese, and others. Since most of them are not available on the Internet, we will undertake to make some of them and other worthwhile publications available here.

Unless otherwise indicated, this material is copyrighted by the Diocese of the South, Orthodox Church in America. It may be reproduced free of charge in free church-related publications, provided the content is not altered and the authors and the Diocese of the South are cited.

Our first offering is by Fr. Dimitri Cozby of All Saints Orthodox Mission, Victoria, Texas.

V. Rev. Fr. Dimitri Cozby, The Mystery of Time in the Church: The Natural Year and the Church Year, Pascha and Passover, The Week and Beyond