Members Speak – Elizabeth Freels

From Elizabeth Freels, now living in Oregon:


Dear friends,

It is with great pleasure and honor that I want to share my thoughts about Holy Resurrection.

Just like it happens to so many, I first came to our Church in times of despair and loneliness. And to this day I believe that finding our Church was the best thing that happened to my family in my twenty something years of living in Mississippi. I have turned from being Orthodox friendly to discovering my Faith, I have found a wonderful community to bring up my children and I have learned unconditional love, non-judgment and have started beautiful friendships that will last a lifetime.

I have baptized my daughter Julia in Holy Resurrection almost fifteen years ago and to this day her Godfather Vassily Muntyan sends warmest regards to our Parish. Even though I had to move away, I miss our church dearly and wish all my friends in our Parish, Father Paul and Holy Resurrection Church many more years in Clinton and many new parishioners.

Love you very much.
In Christ,
Leeza Freels and children