Members Speak – Rod and Ruth Taylor

From Rod and Ruth Taylor, Shreveport

To the Faithful of Holy Resurrection,

In 1992 our family made a job-related move to Louisiana from our native state of Oregon.  Our dear friends, and Ruth’s Godparents, Ted and Anastacia Feldman, had left our home parish of St. Nicholas in Portland a few years earlier to wander into this strange and mysterious place called the south.  And here we were following them  into that very same place.  We were excited to meet them at their new parish, Holy Resurrection, which was only a two hour drive for them every Sunday.  For us it was a mere three hours from Shreveport.  “This will only happen once” was what I thought, but as we were completely enchanted with the hospitality and sincere seeking of the Orthodox lifestyle we found in the little house that had been converted (just like us) into the Orthodox world, it happened once – every other Sunday.  Those years I consider our family’s golden years, years that each of us fondly reflect on often.  Holy Resurrection has never lost that special glow in our hearts.  Fr. Paul and M. Sissy will always have a special and unique place in the history of our lives as a family and each of us individually.  So do so many Holy Resurrection parishioners, brothers and sisters in Christ, who have welcomed us into their homes and their lives.  And now, through God’s grace and years of prayer and support from some of those same parishioners, our family has helped plant a sister church in Shreveport.  Our two parishes have so many connections, it truly feels like Holy Nativity Mission in Shreveport could be called Holy Resurrection Spiritual Annex.  Congratulations to the founders of this holy temple and to those who through forty years have built and sustained such a God-blessed Orthodox community that is so uniquely special to so many people. Glory to God!

Rod and Ruth Taylor