Members Speak – Victoria Anis

From Victoria Anis, now living in Camarillo, California:

January 26, 2017
Dearest Father Paul,
Thank you so much for asking me to participate in the blessed 40th anniversary of our dear Holy Resurrection Church. I am only sorry that I could not be there in person to celebrate with you and our entire Church family. What an honor it is for me to write this letter for this beautiful occasion!
When I think back to 1977 in Jackson, Mississippi (which seems like a lifetime ago) I am immediately filled with warm memories. I recall a small group of us, my late husband, Dr. Onssy Anis, Dr. Frank Kulik, and a few others getting together to start The Holy Resurrection Church. Then God, in his amazing grace, blessed us with Father Paul and his family. It was an amazing time in all of our lives when we realized we would actually have a church of our own.
I recall our congregation was very small at first, just a handful of us praying in various places until we were able to secure our first dedicated space in Clinton. And just as our church didn’t have a dedicated space, I remember you, Father Paul and Sissy (with the girls of course,) staying with Onssy and me and our three kids in our home in Jackson for a few weeks until your house was ready. I’m sure you can still remember the noise generated by five girls and one boy! Those were such fun and happy times and literally generated a lifetime of memories. The bonds created by our families in that short time will never fade.
In 1979, Onssy and I moved to California. It seemed that very quickly after finding its first permanent home, Holy Resurrection took root and grew, thanks to Father Paul and all of his dedication and prayer as well as Sissy with all of her kind service to the present time.
Unfortunately, in 2002 I lost my beloved husband, Onssy. Although I miss him dearly, I was blessed with my three children – Maryann, Jane, and John, and now my eight grandchildren. I know that it would have warmed Onssy’s heart to see how the seed we planted forty years ago has flourished and touched so many people with the blessings of God. My family and I pray that God continues his miraculous work and continues blessing Holy Resurrection Church and all those who visit for many decades to come.
My children and I wish you all a happy, blessed 40th anniversary. May God’s grace guide us as we count the years into maturity for our Holy Resurrection so that we can appreciate his abundance and goodness that is in Christ our Savior.
In Christ,
Victoria (Salwa) Anis