About Our Church

The Orthodox Church is the Church which has existed continuously in the Middle East and Greece from the time of the Apostles. It is the faith of the majority of Christians in the Middle East, Greece, Russia, Romania, Serbia, Albania, Ukraine, Georgia and Bulgaria. With the exception of Rome, the local Churches mentioned in the New Testament which have existed continuously until today, such as Corinth, Thessaloniki, Damascus, etc., are Orthodox.  Learn More About Orthodox Christianity

The Orthodox Church in America is the continuation of the first Orthodox mission to North America, begun in Alaska in 1794 by St. Herman and other Russian monks. The Church has been in continuous operation in America since that time, and is the second largest Orthodox group in America, with over 600 congregations. It was granted autocephaly (self-government) by the Patriarch of Moscow in 1970, at which time we took the name Orthodox Church in America because we want to be a Church for all Americans, not just a particular ethnic group. We are in full Communion with the Greek, Antiochian, Russian, and other canonical Orthodox Churches in this country and abroad.

Holy Resurrection Church was founded in 1977 and bought property in Clinton in 1980. We moved to our present location at 414 E. College St. in 2006.

Our priest is Father Paul Yerger. We have some “native” Orthodox of Syrian and Slavic backgrounds, but most of our adult members are converts. Services are all in English. We have about 150 active members, a quarter of whom are children. We are a short walk from Mississippi College and have many young adults attending. We welcome visitors; those who wish to join the Church spend a year as catechumens (learners) before they are received as full members. What to expect when you visit